What motivates us

Why do we do what we do?
The beginning

Asteroid was born in 2018

It is an inclusive technology company founded after the organic success of its first product: Háblalo


We managed to help more than 350,000 people with disabilities

100% free, in 40 languages, without internet connection and in 65 countries on 5 continents… But we were not going to stop there.

A disruptive business model

So we created Háblalo for Business

a business model with a high social impact, through which we work side by side with companies and public organizations to help them provide services that are 100% adapted to people with disabilities.
Where did we want to go?

We not only managed to bring free assistive technology

to those who need it, but we transformed how society includes these people in their daily life, achieving an incalculable impact. Dozens of organizations already trust us to bring them closer to a much more inclusive future.

Who supports us

We were recognized as one of the TOP 100 Start Ups in the world

by the Global Entrepreneurship Network in Saudi Arabia, Social Entrepreneurship of the Year by EY, and first place winners in the Santander X Global Awards.
The team

The Asteroid team continues to grow,

improving Háblalo and its services, and designing new products that continue to change the world for the better.
The future is inclusive. Join us!
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